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Pak ambassador to US: Haqqani still viewed as most influential

October 10, 2009

By Sami Abraham
This article was published in The News on October 10, 2009

WASHINGTON DC: Contrary to the impression being created by the current media frenzy in Pakistan over the Kerry-Lugar bill, Husain Haqqani continues to be viewed in Washington as the most influential ambassador Pakistan has had in many years.

Pakistan embassy officials are standing by their ambassador and say they are proud of him. This includes civilians as well as those from the defence wing who have questioned the ethics and knowledge of facts of those currently targeting Pakistan’s ambassador to the US in the context of what a US Congressman called a “manufactured crisis” over the Kerry-Lugar bill. Only last week Washington Times described him as “Embassy Row’s sharpest operator with instant access at the highest levels.”


Philly Inquirer: U.S. Must Strengthen Relations with Pak

October 5, 2009

By Trudy Rubin
This article appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer on October 4, 2009

The debate over Afghan strategy – the Af in our AfPak policy – has
overshadowed an equally daunting challenge: Can we figure out how to
improve relations with Pakistan?

Pakistan’s civilian government and army finally struck back against
the Taliban in April, after the militants threatened the capital; the
Pakistani public and press backed this offensive. But public opinion
is negative about any cooperation with the United States against the
jihadis; the mistrust of our country is profound.