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The ‘Blackwater in Pakistan’ Furore: Who Benefits from Spreading the Lies?

September 29, 2009

By Wasiq Ali

 A massive furore has been created over the supposed presence of Blackwater in Pakistan by the likes of Ahmed Quraishi and Shireen Mazari and websites like Pakistan Spectator, Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz, Pak Alert and articles like ‘American NGO Covers for Blackwater in Pakistan’ or ‘Expel Blackwater and US Marines from Pakistan.’

 Who is funding these people? Why are they driving this paranoia? And above all who is benefiting by this?


Late Khalid Hasan on Pakistani neocons

September 15, 2009
Pakistani Neocons and UN sanctions
By Khalid Hasan
This article appeared in Daily Times and Khalid Hasan’s website on December 28th, 2008
Like bullfrogs out after heavy summer rains, Pakistani cyberspace and the realm of the printed word are full of the croaking of neocons who have convinced the already ignorant that the Security Council sanctions against Jama’at-ud Dawa and certain individuals only came because Pakistani officials were either sleeping at the post or had conspired with the 15-member Security Council to let the axe fall.