Taliban Apologist Ahmed Quraishi Instigates Followers to Harm Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S.

This post appeared on RealPakNationalists on September 14, 2009

Ahmed Quraishi who is a Taliban and Jihadist apologist and once took pride in calling himself the Master of “Immaculate Deception” has now openly called on his Jihadist/Conspiracy Theorist/Taliban sympathizing right-wing nuts to harm or kill Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ahmed Quraishi’s instigation comes in a post titled ‘Husain Haqqani to ISI: Let Blackwater In.’

Writing in the name of Dan Qayyum or forwarding his writing, Ahmed Quraishi says “Mr. Haqqani’s assertion that deporting Americans found involved in suspicious activity and denying them entry is hurting Pakistan’s image, is idiotic at best and treason at worst. PKKH (Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz) requests the Pakistan Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence to take note of Mr. Haqqani’s attempt to undermine Pakistan’s national security – and at the very least, immediately put him under surveillance if not on a lamppost in Islamabad.”

 It is well known that the punishment for treason is death and the meaning of ‘hanging from a lamp post’ is also unmistakable.

 Ahmed Quraishi at one time had called former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto a traitor and that was followed by the assassination of the democratic leader of Pakistan by Taliban.

Although Ahmed Quraishi accuses Husain Haqqani of ‘letting Blackwater in’ what he ignores is that in his alleged letter published in a section of the media, Ambassador Husain Haqqani does not even talk about Blackwater and only mentions American journalists and NGOs. However, this does not prevent Ahmed Quraishi from stating this falsehood because Quraishi’s arguments are never built on fact.

If one wants the truth and facts one must read today’s Editorial in the Daily Times, which points out what a good job Ambassador Haqqani is doing in a very tough situation.

“Under the circumstances, Ambassador Haqqani rightly feels that the policy in Islamabad and the mission given to him by Islamabad are running at cross-purposes. His job is to keep the two countries close to each other in the prosecution of the war against terrorism. In order to keep Pakistan realistically facing up to the challenge of the Taliban, a meaningful injection of American assistance is required. American support is also required to acquire loans from the IMF to help Pakistan import essential commodities.”

“It is true that Pakistan doesn’t have a uniformly good press in Washington. But the ambassador is fighting that trend despite the fact that most of what is printed there is pretty close to what is being revealed in the independent media of Pakistan. But secret agencies have never succeeded in producing a good foreign press. Unfortunately, there could be other less noble reasons behind the “black list”: hatred.”

“We hope the visas are not being blocked because of the hatred of America that certain officers feel. Worse still, we hope that this is not happening because of incoherence of policy or lack thereof. The blocking of visas will not benefit Pakistan. It will isolate Pakistan and blacken its image at a time when it is emerging from bad times.”

This is not the first time that Master Conspiracy Theorist-Jihadist Ahmed Quraishi has attacked someone and doubted that individual’s patriotism and loyalty to Pakistan. If we glance around we see that so far Ahmed Quraishi has attacked everyone who represents Pakistan’s interests internationally. Ahmed Quraishi has attacked without regard to any ethics Pakistan’s Baluchi leaders, Sindhi politicians, MQM leaders and all secular politicians. His venom against current elected leaders is especially pronounced.

Quraishi has been inciting people against the elected leaders of Pakistan ever since the civilian government came to power. He has not spared anyone from President Asif Ali Zardari to former National Security Advisor Mahmud Ali Durrani to Interior Chief Rehman Malik. He has made undignified attacks on U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson as part of his efforts to cultivate national paranoia.

Through his ranting and columns Ahmed Quraishi has instigated his Taliban-Jihadist followers against these people. The only person he has spared is former President General Musharraf, a usurper and reviled pro-American ruler whom Quraishi openly supported and admired.

Not just Pakistani leaders and politicians Ahmed Quraishi has not spared the Pakistani media either including the jang-Geo-News group for which he has worked. He has called them CIA agents without explaining why he writes in a newspaper or appears on a channel he describes as part of CIA psy-ops. The Pakistani media apparently is not jihadist and rightwing nutty enough for the Taliban-Jihadist sympathizer Ahmed Quraishi.

Ahmed Quraishi acts as if he is the only patriotic Pakistani and he can sit in judgement on the patriotism of all 160 million Pakistanis? Are all Pakistanis, except his fake “nationalists” stupid and ignorant if they refuse to believe people like Ahmed Quraishi or is the opposite the truth?

History has many examples which show that people who shout the loudest about an issue are very often those who are mixed up on the other side of that issue. Could Quraishi be on a mission to sow division among Pakistanis to serve some foreign interest and tehereby undermine Pakistan?

Who is Ahmed Quraishi and what right does he have to say whatever he feels like against Pakistani leaders and public figures? Ahmed Quraishi must be asked if he is on a mission to divide and polarize Pakistan and on whose behalf is he doing this? Is he a ‘Trojan Horse’ in the garb of a super-patriot? Who were his clients when he ran ‘furmaanrealpolitik’, who were his patrons when he applied for a job at Voice of America (VOA), who helped him travel to Lebanon to report on Hezbollah, who arranged for him to become a highly paid PTV anchor during the Musharraf years and who pays for him so that he can remains engaged in pro-Taliban and anti-democracy propaganda?

These questions beg answers. Meanwhile, real Pakistani nationalists should take notice of Ahmed Quraishi’s attempts to instigate his Jihadist supporters into harming the Pakistani ambassador to the U.S. We hope Ambassador Husain Haqqani will register the fact that if any harm comes to him at the hand of some extremist Jihadist then Ahmed Quraishi and his gang, including Dan Qayyum (if he exists), whould be held responsible. We hope and pray no harm will come to the able ambassador.

More revelations about the reality of Ahmed Quraishi will follow soon.

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16 Responses to “Taliban Apologist Ahmed Quraishi Instigates Followers to Harm Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S.”



    What an amazing reply to Mr. Ahmed Quraishi and Dan Qayyum. After all who are they to talk about National Interest? What do they know? It’s because of people like them that this Nation is holding on to the last bit of Hope and Honour that is left in us, but what value does that hold? But I guess in today’s world that is a luxury that is not associated with Pakistani People. I do have one small request to ask of you… If you really think haqqani and the current government and their democracy is the right path to choose, then please put a request in clear black and white asking Allah The Almighty to judge you on the day of Qiyamah with the same people you protect and follow. Say that clearly in words so that all of us reading it would say Aamen to that and would know how sincere you are with their Jamhuriat and their actions.

    May Peace be on the Guided Ones.

  2. Khan Says:

    Great reporting. It’s time for Mr. Quraishi’s true motivations to be exposed.

  3. Abdul Basit Says:

    Ahhh so much for freedom of speech scumbag. Cant handle that your opinion represents a small evil minority in Pakistan the everyone hates. Dont worry scumbag, I have saved my comments and the computer screen showing them to have absolute proof a sleazy piece of human garbage such as yourself is outed and known. Defending Blackwater and attacking the ISI and Ahmed Qureshi, will not win you the love of anyone except Blackwater who are known child rapists. As I said before please do everyone a favour and jump off a building, the world would be a better place.

  4. Moin Ansari Says:

    No one has asked for violence.

    No one has asked for the murder of anyone. This is pure garbage.

    We condemn violence in all it forms.

    I condemn violence.

    Using Quranic words to define bad persons is nonsense anyway. Those who do it don’t understand politics or religion.

    This is not a “blog” is an attempt by an individual to malign Paksitani patriots.

    Ahmed Quraishi is NOT a Taliban or anyting else. He is an American educated journalist who serves the people of Pakistan. He has spoken up for Pakistani interests and has as huge following among those who are well wishers of Pakistan.

    He is entittled to his opinion.

    The champions of democracy should allow him to speak his mind.

    We have known Mr. Haqqani for a long time. In my opinion he is a traitor and in my opinion he is harmful to Pakistani interests. This is my opinion, and living in the US, I am entitled an opinion. I have held this opinion for a decade and I have let Mr. Haqqani know my opinion directly via email. He has responded to my emails informing me that I am entitled to an opinion which is different that his.

    In our opinion Mr. Haqqani is the most reviled ambassador in the world. Pakistanis do not like him at all. One wonders why? Could it be his statements about the Paksitan Army, his book about the Pakistani state or his general lack of understanding of the issues.

    “Hum sub umed seh hain” siad it best when they called him “the US Ambassador to Pakistan”. This is how he is perceived. His support of Xe/Blackwater is a matter of record. Your apologies for anti-state elements are laughable–specially since they are wrapped up in nonsensical US jargon. Did you get the talking points from Xe? How much did they pay you?

    Mr. Qurashi says it like he sees it. I have not seen Mr. Quraishi say anything harmful to Pakistan. Can’t say the same about Mr. Haqqani.

  5. wasiqali Says:

    Response to Abdul Basit

    Am I the one who cannot handle freedom of thought or Ahmed Quraishi and all of you who support throat-slitters.

    I have posted your post and you dont have to “save your comments” so as to have “proof” presuming that I will not allow your post on my blog.

  6. wasiqali Says:

    Response to Moin Ansari

    So you said “I condemn violence.” Well so does the Al Qaeda.

    Mr Ansari before your criticize other peoples blogs look at your own blog first. Your blog is a piece of garbage where you write absolute nonsense about others. It is a mix of attacks on some Pakistani leaders, distortion of pictures of people and a discussion of the sex lives of various people. You are a twisted pyscho and need pyschological treatment.

    I know you live in the U.S. and have the right to speak and to say what you want. Even I live in the US but unlike you I dont distort anyone’s photos on my blog or discuss their sex lives.

    And you people are running a ‘Traitor making’ factory. If you have the guts and you think you are a super patriot why dont you convince the Pakistani government – civilian or military – to appoint you to a post.

    If you have the guts learn to disagree with someone without calling people names or doubting their loyalty.

  7. Rabia Says:

    Great post! Now someone needs to write one about Mr. Moin Ansari 🙂

  8. adrian longman Says:

    Are you on a foreign governments payroll? R u just really stupid, or are you just really evil, go jump off a bridge dirtbag. A.Q RULES!!

  9. Paktriot Says:

    its sad to see how some Pakistanis like u are just blindfolded with money
    its cuz of u guys (aka traitors) we are witnessing the worst of Pakistan’s situation ever…but this will improve inshaAllah!

    besides u havent yet given us a chance to say Ameen to what Haider wrote…so can u please elaborately explicitly write here askin, Allah The Almighty to judge you on the day of Qiyamah with the same people you protect and follow i.e. ur beloved Haqqani?

    May Allah grant u and ur masters hidayat, Ameen is all i can say.

    Thumbs up to Moin, Haider and Abdul Basit. Lets not waste our time in reading these silly blogs and work towards a better Pakistan InshaAllah 🙂

  10. Paktriot Says:

    u didnot allow my comment to get posted here Mr. wasiq 😛
    that tells me how true u r!

    Thanks, i just needed to know that! 🙂

  11. Sohail Says:

    Either you can be a patriot or a lover of Haqqani………….
    Either you love Pakistan or love MQM………….
    Haqqani is a constant embarrasment not an ambassador………
    And Altaf spoke against creation of Pakistan in India……..
    Shall we laugh or cry on your duality…..
    How can I not doubt your loyalty……when your writing reveals the mental slavery to USA.
    You called name of Ahmed Qureshi and accuse others of calling names. what the ………
    OK you don’t like Ahmed Qureshi, thats your right……..who is your leader in Pakistan? Who do you follow? which ‘patriot’???

  12. Salman Says:

    wasiq ali ….shame on u …u r a bloody jewish agent…that work only for money …….taliban are true mujahideen …….and they will suceed inshallah very soon ……43 countries invaded afghanistan …all failed …..!!!

  13. discodaug Says:


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  14. Sohail Says:

    So where is my post mr wasiq………….haaaaaaaan?? freedom of speech bla bla……….don’t start anything if u can’t handle it 🙂

  15. Abdul basit Says:

    You havnt killed yourself yet?? Please do Pakistan a favour and do it quickly, we will all thank you for it.

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