Pakistan’s Conspirators of the Past and Their Confessions

By Wasiq Ali

The conspiracy brigade of the yesteryears is back at their games by
spinning stories on what they did and how they did it. Brigadier
(retired) Imtiaz wholse name once rang terror for the political
workers today is claiming that he had a sudden awakening of the
conscientious and that he wants to share with the people of Pakistan
some details of his past.

The media has gulped down these stories and then went over board with
fanning the classic conflict in a melodrama and made a hell of a good
job of it. The way the debate in the media panned out it appeared that
as if it was more important to find who was wrong instead of focusing
on what was wrong.

Bean spilling, denials, counter accusation and versions of history
suited to different narrators have only muddied the waters further
with no serious debate on how so stop such indiscretion again.  The
real issue that has been missed and even glossed over with some
serious attempt is that the actions of those who went abusing the
state resources and their positions have not been condemned

The leading opposition party is getting uneasy over the disclosure of
the former intelligence officials and is accusing the President House
for orchestrating the campaign. But somehow or the other the leading
voices from this party have not condemned the actions. After all the
formation of IJI, backdoor deals with some notorious politicians to
counter PPP’s electoral popularity, distribution of money amongst some
leading lights of Pakistani politics to help them organize campaigns
against PPP were wholly condemnable acts.  The master minds of these
tactics still are revered by some sections of the media and off course
some of the politicians still seek guidance from them.

PML (N) should have the moral courage to condemn all these actions
first and then seek to find the motives of Brigadier (retired) Imtiaz.
It will also not be out of context here to state that all that
Brigadier (retired) Imtiaz had been doing was being done with an
objective to stop PPP from one victory or the other and over those
years the leadership of PML (N) was in knowledge of these actions and
was a beneficiary of the shenanigans.

Another very interesting fact is that all the stories that have been
recycled by the conspiracy brigade have been published in the past but
that was the era of print media. This time around the recycled package
was presented to the electronic media and the story then got its own
legs and its own pace. Perhaps it was a new experience for some
players of the political arena to handle a story that had started to
go in all directions and they started to find faults with the
government and the presidency.

The truth is that the government of Pakistan Peoples Party led by
Prime Minister Gillani under a party policy prepared by Shaheed
Mohtrama Benazir Bhutto and followed by Co-Chairman of the party and
President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari, has gone to all lengths to
pursue politics of, tolerance, reconciliation and accommodations. It
has received brickbats from its detractors for taking onboard
different relatively smaller but very important political forces on
board.  It has been advocating this policy and despite being the
target of worst kind of propaganda campaigns and much targeted media
onslaughts has desisted from making personal attacks on any leader of
any political party in the country.

The media trial of the party goes to the extent that even possible
verdicts are suggested to the judiciary so that PPP can be damaged and
some have the “pathetic courage” to even suggest some actions to the
military. Through hearsay and table stories these people try to create
conflicts between the government and other state institutions. This
tactic has been used time and again and ironically same people in the
media who had been instrumental in creating sense of instability and
misunderstanding through rumours about the elected governments in the
decade of 90s are back in the field. Is it a co incidence that actors
of the conspiracy brigade i.e., retired military men and their media
hands are back together at some sort of game?

The political forces in the country should not let these conspirators
to gang up against the democratic system and state institutions should
be careful the way they receive and process information

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