Rascist Nature of Punjabi Politics by Tarek Fatah

These are the comments I posted on an article written by Canada-based Pakistani writer Tarek Fatah. This article was published on Averroes Press on August 12, 2009

I wish people would read Mr. Fatah’s piece in the light it was written and look self-critically at themselves. What we forget in our passion is that chauvinists do not have horns which helps us identify them. Most chauvinists do not even know they are chauvinists.

Why is it that charges of corruption are levied only against non-Punjabi politicians. Why are leaders like Zia, who was also corrupt, never discussed? Why is it that no one talked about corruption when Shaukat Aziz was Prime Minister but they go on and on that Zardari is corrupt? Punjabis do not need Prime Ministers and Presidents as long as they have Army Chiefs.

Why is it that despite all that Punjabi politicians have done over the years starting from Daulatana and Mamdot in the 1950s they are never the targets of the mainly Punabi media and intelligentsia. Do people know the hatred with which Geo TV is viewed – it is called Punjab TV by people living in the other 3 provinces.

Visceral hatred is reserved only for Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Only after his death did he receive some sympathy. A similar hatred was visible against Benazir Bhutto. The media never stopped reminding us of how corrupt the Bhuttos were as though Sindhi politicians are always “corrupt” and “feudal” One rarely saw them attack any Punjabi politician in the same way.


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