Time for Pakistanis to Fight Cyber-terrorists Like “International Professor” and others

By Wasiq Ali
Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pakistanis all over world and media people in Pakistan are constantly bombarded by emails from horrible people like “International Professor” and “Earthman” and many others that are nothing more than hate mail.


These people spread hate and make false accusations. “International Professor” is a communalist who paints everyone he dislikes as Shia or Ahmadi or secular or even gay etc. He has not guts to write all the rubbish under his own name. He is so ghutiya that he even attacks families and women of some people, including Bhutto family. He is most likely front man for AlQaeda and Taliban. Let him tell us his real name and address. Then we can also find out who or what he is. I am sure Najam Sethi of Friday times will then run a profile of this dangerous inciter and expose him.


In one internet posting someone has blamed Abidullah Jan, a AlQaeda and Taliban sympathizer who predicts breaking up of Pakistan, for the mass emails in the name of “International professor” and “Earthman.” Abidullah Jan is now putting up emails of “International Professor” on his website and that certainly raises doubts although his English is usually much better than that of “International Professor” who seems like a mad man.





It is important for everyone who receives emails from this man to send email back and tell him that we do not like his hate mail and do not wish to receive it. We should all also complaint to authorities in US and Canada where these emails come from to put stop to this harassment.


There are also others who do mass emailing. Favorite targets are President Zardari, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and Pakistan Ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani. Many emails are coming from same sources, judging by language. It is possible that Jamat-e-Islami or PML-N who both hate Zardari and Salman (and Haqqani for leaving them behind 15 or 20 years ago) are behind these email campaigns. It is also possible that Indian agents are using this method to spread fears and confusion among Pakistanis. We are always ready to believe any gossip and these anonymous gossip and abuse emails stop us from reading useful material on the internet.


International Professor is always abusing and making no sense. His abuse is just more vulgar way of making the same propaganda that Shireen Mazari, Ahmed Quraishi (who applied for job in VOA before turning against America), Anjum Niaz and Ayaz Amir of PML-N always make in Jang group English newspaper “News.”


There is no argument. Just abuse and vulgarity.


The emails say Zardari is a joke even though he is gaining respect internationally. In any case, he is our elected President and abusing him is abusing our own head of state. Criticizing is one thing. Abusing and making wild allegations is just not acceptable in any society. When the question of Sarah Palin’s daughter being pregnant arose in American election campaign even her opponent Barack Obama had dignity to say that people’s daughters are not fair targets in politics. But these people attack the children of Zardari as if they are allowed by their Barbarian laws to attack anyone is sight.


If these people are educated, let them send some real articles from real newspapers and magazines in their massive emails, not just forward things they are themselves putting up online in blogs and in self created desi newspapers.





If Pakistan is to be a democracy then we have to fight back against these nameless nobodies attacking people through mass emails. If someone has a point or argument, let them make it in the free media. Abuse should not be allowed.


PLEASE join me in a campaign against email abuse. Let us Fight back these cyber-terrorists and kick back those who harass us with hate emails.

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